The following terms of use policy sets out how you may use the Henry Choo Photography website, www.picachoo.com. Please read it carefully, and in its entirety, as the contents of this policy contains important information that pertains to you.

This terms of use policy is effective from October 8, 2013 and is subject to change without notice.


The website URL www.henrychoophotography.com is the online e-commerce website of Henry Choo Photography (“HCP”). As such, the website provides registered users with an opportunity to purchase printed or digital photographic products through secure online product galleries.


You may visit the HCP website freely, however you must register for login credentials in order to browse and purchase products offered for sale by HCP within access-restricted product galleries. (Note: a valid email address is required for receipt of download links to purchased digital products).

Henry Choo Photography reserves the right to refuse a new, or to refuse extending an existing, registration without providing any reason for doing so.

User Privileges

Registered users may browse, preview and purchase products within public and access-restricted product galleries by using the login credentials provided to them by HCP. Furthermore, registered users may from time to time be offered promotional incentives to purchase products from HCP.

Henry Choo Photography reserves the right to immediately terminate a user’s registration if it is found that a user has been illegally redistributing digital products purchased from Henry Choo Photography (i.e. sharing copies of purchased digital products with friends or colleagues), or has breached the terms of their product license(s).

Additionally, fines and/or imprisonment may apply as a result of criminal charges being brought against the offending registered user by Henry Choo Photography.

Copyright and Licensing

All products purchased from HCP are governed by a licensing agreement (“Licence”). Such Licences may be applied to a single product, or collectively applied to a group of products. All Licences will be issued together with their respective product(s) and, in the case of digital products, may be required to be sighted by printing services before they approve print-orders in their attempt to prevent breaches of licensing or copyright.

All digital photographic content on the HCP website, unless otherwise credited, is copyrighted to Henry Choo, of Henry Choo Photography (BRN: BN98457625). As such, HCP copyrighted content shall not be copied, reproduced or modified in any way whatsoever including, but not limited to, electronic digital reproduction such as “drag and drop”, “right-mouse click and save”, “screen grabbing” or “image scanning”.

Preview images of products offered for sale within HCP access-restricted product galleries are visually watermarked with “© Henry Choo Photography” as a visual representation of copyright. Purchased products do not have visual watermarking but are instead digitally watermarked and their use are protected by licensing and copyright laws.

Breaches of Copyright and/or Licensing

In the event where it becomes known, or is suspected, that an alleged breach of copyright or licensing has occurred, HCP reserves the right to investigate the alleged offence and pursue the alleged offender(s) to the full extent under all applicable law.

Piracy Prevention

In an attempt to prevent digital product piracy and unauthorised redistribution of HCP copyrighted products, HCP has implemented the following anti-piracy measures and protocols :-

  • All HCP digital products are digitally watermarked and their use on the internet is monitored by the services provided by Digimarc;
  • Download links to HCP digital products have a “limited-time”expiration date;
  • HCP is immediately notified whenever a product download from its website has been initiated.

The information included in immediate notifications to HCP includes :-

  • the name of the registered user who has initiated the download;
  • the name of the product being downloaded;
  • the time and date;
  • the number of times the product has been downloaded;
  • the downloading computer’s IP address.

Thinking about piracy through unauthorised redistribution? Don’t do it. You will be found out and prosecuted to the full extent of the law

Zenfolio hosting Terms of Use

In addition to these Terms of Use, as HCP's e-commerce website is hosted at Zenfolio (www.zenfolio.com), the terms of service that govern use of the Zenfolio website will also apply. The Zenfolio Terms of Use can be found here.